What is deposit refund system for beverage bottles?

Deposit refund system (DRS) where consumers pay a small fee when they make a purchase for a product on the premise that the fee will be refunded when the consumer returns the empty container that carried the product. After collection, material will be used by recycling companies. Currently there is a well functioning system in 40 countries. Deposit refund system is an efficient way to recycle beverage bottles, improving circular economy and ensures high return rates (beyond 80%).

DRS provides for the beverage companies to increase the use of recycled materials for beverage bottles and an efficient way for collecting packaging material for the use of recycling industry. Precise statistics of collected bottles for each individual producer and environmental audits for supporting with the data in monitoring the progress towards sustainable development goals.


Deposit refund system implementation via automatic reverse machines

  • counting the pieces of packaging
  • issuing a receipt after accepting packaging and refunding the deposit
  • further packaging handling (compressing)


See how the system works! 

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